Anti Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financing Manuals 

An AML/CFT Manual is usually considered to concern traditional Financial Institutions, but with more Blockchain and FinTech businesses establishing globally, it is important for these businesses to take the lead and develop their own AML/CFT Compliance Programmes. Should they not, local regulators are likely to view the businesses poorly and impose unrealistic policies on them. By showing commitment to regulatory concerns, regulators and policy makers are more likely to engage with the community and develop practical, appropriate regulatory frameworks, in consultation with the businesses.

Bespoke Solutions

We have a vast amount of experience in establishing regulated businesses, which includes drafting Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Terrorist Financial Manuals and the policies and procedures that support them. Our clients businesses require bespoke planning to ensure meet individual regulatory needs.


Purchasers into FinTech, Blockchain, eGaming and other regulated, or regulatory sensitive businesses, take comfort from policies and procedures that identify risks and demonstrate how to mitigate them. On occasion a white paper can be enough, but to raise professional investment, AML/CFT Manuals are essential.

Value Add

An AML/CFT Manual should not be a tick box exercise. Most companies who go down the route of regurgitating the legislation directly into their manual fall into the trap of committing to policies and procedures that with hamper the business, or are not adhered to. When they are not adhered to and the regulator checks practical application against policy, it makes for an uncomfortable review and possible sanctions. We assess the needs of each business to avoid regulatory pitfalls.

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