Creating token sales with the utmost legitimacy and longevity 

After registering the Isle of Man Company we would need to register under the Designated Business Act. This entity would then conduct a supervised Token Generation Event.

We do need to carefully plan token sales being mindful of anti-money laundering (“AML”) legislation, which means taking a proportionate approach to AML. The great benefit of doing such a secure, legitimate ICO, is protection against exchange de-listing (as has been happening with more frequent) and access to fiat banks for operational expenses).

Bespoke Solutions

We have designed various creation and issuance vehicles to token generation events and registered the vehicles under the Designated Business Act.


Token purchasers are becoming increasingly savvy. Offering DBA registered sales clearly shows a commitment from the issuers to do everything in their power to protect their interests and offer a litigate token sale.

Value Add

Our team are highly experienced in the token sale space, leading the sector with innovate, world first solution designed to each clients specific needs.

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