Data, data and more data

Forecasts are a prediction of future business conditions. A financial forecast identifies trends in external and internal historical data, and projects those trends in order to provide decision-makers with information about what the financial status of the company is likely to be at some point in the future.

Bespoke Solutions

We regularly act in varying capacities, depending on each clients individual needs. We provide advisory to professionals drafting forecasts, re-draft forecasts using existing materials, or provide ‘ground-up’ solutions, sourcing and analysing all base input data, before creating unique, robust forecasts.


The quickest and easiest way for an entrepreneur to fail, or lose control of their company, is to overstate potential revenues and underestimate overheads. Either the capital is burnt at an unsustainable rate, or investors step in for a larger slice using ‘full ratchet’ provisions, marginalising the entrepreneur.

Value Add

We source empirical data and analyse it in an unbiased manner. Then, using this data, we underpin the forecasts, creating a sensible, achievable financial model. Regardless of the capacity in which we have been engaged, we challenge assumptions and data to ensure our clients are on a solid financial footing.

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