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A pitch deck is a brief overview of a business plan. A pitch deck is made up of between 10 and 30 slides. Having a deck is increasingly important. Many private investors and professional organisations insist on the  presentation of a pitch deck prior to reviewing a formal business plan. A pitch deck is not just about data, it also needs to be creative and visually appealing.

Bespoke Solutions

We review existing pitch decks, redesign them, analyse the data, or create investor ready pitch decks from scratch. We are guided by our clients needs and in all cases ensure each deck concisely describes and defines the value proposition, the business case and why the business should draw investors attention.


Purchasers request pitch decks due to the volume of documentation they are sent on a daily basis. Pitch decks  assists their initial evaluation process by condensing the information into a quickly digestible format.

Value Add

One could think of a pitch deck as a movie trailer; a good trailer should set up the premise, introduce the main characters, use engaging imagery and most of all, have the viewer excited to see the feature. Our team creates pitch decks from an investor perspective; precise, engaging and covering all key criteria.

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